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Explaining how I lost 134 pounds.

Fat loss workouts, understanding calories, macros, micros, deficits, plateaus, corrective surgery, recipes and more.

Join the movement and challenge yourself with this 30 day challenge!
30 days of detailed workouts (exercises/reps/sets) all laid out ALONG WITH 30 daily meals (with color pictures of each meal) and calorie/macro breakdown per meal,  AS WELL as the daily calorie/macro totals.


On SALE for $10.00

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"LVNFIT -Reshaping Tanya"

How I lost 134 pounds.


"Recipes  and Meal ideas"

Over 88 pages of colorful healthy recipes/meal ideas.

Including: my grocery list, breakfast, lunch/dinner desserts/treats and lunch box ideas. 

All books are PDF format and emailed directly within 24 hours.  All purchases are final.

​​Book 2
"Re Shape It"
My exercise plans & routines I did to reshape my body. Covering reps/sets and also how I carb/calorie cycled.